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“Dr. Fins brilliantly captures the despair of families with brain-injured loved ones who are navigating Dante’s rings of hell. He gives voice to those of us who choose to stand and fight for our loved ones. Rights Come to Mind aligns expectations,

treatment, and nuance both at the bedside and in public policy.”


-Bob Woodruff, ABC News Correspondent, and Lee Woodruff, co-authors of In an Instant

"Dr. Fins has provided us with a wonderful book that masterfully integrates the clinical and ethical challenges faced by medical care providers along with a deep empathy for the challenges faced by patients and their families. Above all this volume is a call, even a demand, to do better. I strongly recommend this thoughtful, readable, deeply informed, and challenging volume."


-Harold T. Shapiro, President Emeritus of Princeton University and former Chair of the National Bioethics Advisory Commission

The Houston Chronicle

Minimally conscious patients seem vegetative, but with help, they could recover and communicate. 

By Joseph J. Fins

Drawing on more than fifty in-depth family interviews, the history of severe brain injury from Quinlan to Schiavo, and his participation in landmark clinical trials such as the first use of deep brain stimulation in the minimally conscious state, Joseph J. Fins MD, MACP captures the paradox of medical and societal neglect even as advances in neuroscience suggest new ways to mend the broken brain.
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